Shahed Salama

Shahed Salama

Abstract artist using oil and acrylic with knife streaks

Shahed Salama is a female artist from Benghazi, Libya. Shahed was born in 1993 and lived in Benghazi ever since. Shahed is a self taught visual artist and a certified English teacher with a MA in faculty of Arts.

As an artist, Shahed has always been interesting in artistic experimentation. She enjoys trying new materials and working with a variety of mediums. These include pencil drawings and oil and acrylic. As an artist, Shahed believes that sophistication in art is created from simplicity. 

Shahed's recent favorite art experience is abstract art using colors and studying their impact. She finds great pleasure in the idea of organized chaos expressed in colors. In her paintings, she uses colors in a random yet organized way to create bright colorful pieces integrated beautifully with knife streaks . 

In her art expressions, she sheds light on the Libyan identity in an astonishing creative ways. She has always been fond of traditional Libyan clothing and the Libyan heritage in general. Her goal is to use her artistic voice to communicate and present Libya's heritage in a modern way which reflects her perspective.