Najla Fitouri

Najla Fitouri

Open medium of art expression using various styles of oil, acrylic and collage paintings.

Najla Fitouri was born in Tripoli, Libya in 1968 to both Libyan parents. She has a Bachelors of Fine Arts with more than 20 years of professionally painting. Mrs. Fitouri puts serious thinking into her art through contextualizing social and political change, especially how it pertains to women. Her work portrays dreams and profundity of Libyan women’s narrative. 

Fitouri utilizes an open medium of art expression highlighting the individual freedom of the mind and soul. She uses various styles of oil, acrylic and collage paintings. Her work portrays feminist anthems that speak of women in general and mothers in particular. She expresses female identity through an explorative process of softness, tenderness and mystery. In her paintings, she brings subjects that reflect mystic and spiritual longing as an expression of a quintessential heretical contrasting beauty and destruction of Libya’s state of affairs. 

Fitouri believes that the Libyan culture needs to be seen and fostered. And believes that her work provides an expressive medium that gives meaning to life in Libya connecting memories of past and present. However, she urges the importance of shedding light to the current political rage and ongoing civil war. 

Fitouri is a distinguished artist with years of impressive success. She taught drawing and painting lessons to women. And her work was exhibited in international festivals and art galleries in many countries including the UK, Germany, France, Austria, Spain , Switzerland, Malta, China and America.