Khuloud Elzwai

Khuloud Elzwai

Acrylic and Oil On Canvas

Khuloud Elzwai was born in 1975 in Libya with Amazigh heritage. She is a professional pianist. Elzwai studied Classical Music and Piano at the Faculty of Media and Arts at the University of Tripoli in 1998.

Elzwai is a self taught painter who primarily uses acrylic and oil on canvas. Her paintings are imagined in the abstract sense and created to reach strong emotional subjects that hold multi-layered meanings that are open to subjective interpretations. Elzwai's art relays the values of her personal memories and deep feelings of sorrow and passion. They reflect consequences of sin and the experience of loss and departure. 

Elzwai chooses not to title her paintings, so not to lead the viewer of what the pieces mean. She paints her feelings and hopes the audience see themselves in each piece.