Faiza Ramadan

Faiza Ramadan

Abstract paintings on mixed media

Faiza Ramadan was born in Tripoli, Libya in 1988 to a Libyan father and a Ganian mother. Ramadan has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She is a self-taught artist who began her artistic journey in her teen years. Ramadan transformed her painting hobby into a career after the Libyan revolution.

Ramadan uses a variety of mediums in her artwork. Her style includes thin and heavy abstract painting, expressive painting using prime colors and portraits. A lot of her work reflects personal expressions and experiences of changing social, economic and political affairs in Libya. Ramadan finds inspiration in emotions. This is evident in her portrait works that portray intense emotions through facial expressions.

Ramadan’s goal is to connect with the international community through her art. She hopes to use her artistic voice to have an impact in Libya to encourage women to join her and amplify their artistic voices.

Ramadan is a distinguished Libyan artist who participated in many festivals including Pour le Libye festival in Tunisia and Choufftouhonna Feminist Festival.