The Meeting

Material: Mixed Media on Canvas with letterpress ink Size: 27 * 39 inches 100 * 70 cm Artist: Faiza Ramadan The artist Faiza made this piece after an event that sparked her emotions. She was driving to work one morning and passed by a street in Tripoli, Libya where she saw a long line of men and women in front of a bank. Elderly men were sitting on the pavement on the sidewalk. Mesmerized with the scene, Faiza took out her phone and began taking pictures. So she combined what she saw with figures of political bodies sited around in a meeting to depict the failure of finding a solution to the current problems. In order to understand the struggle depicted in this painting, it is important to learn the context. Since the Libyan uprising in 2011, the Libyan economic and financial situation became extremely dire. Currently, the country suffers from lack of cash fluidity. This led to companies and institutions unable to pay employees, and citizens unable to withdraw money from their bank accounts. The lines seen in front of banks reflect citizens' frustrations.

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