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The Meeting is an original painting by Faiza Ramadan.

Material: mixed media in canvas with letterpress ink

Size: 100*70cm, 27*39 inches

Faiza made this piece after an incident in Tripoli which sparked her emotions. She was driving to work one morning and passed by a street where she saw a long line of men and women standing in front of a bank. Elderly men were sitting on the pavements and the sidewalk. This is due to issues of cash liquidity that the country was and continue to struggle with due to the ongoing conflict.

Mesmerized by the scene, Faiza took her phone out and started taking pictures then went home and made this piece. She combined what she saw in front of the bank, with figures if political bodies having a meeting, to depict the failure of finding a solution to the current problems in Libya.

"The Meeting" is an authentic piece that communicates political and economic struggle and its impact on everyday citizens.

The Meeting

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