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Size: 12*18 inches

Artist: Shadda Almagri


The Ideal State of Mind is part of a series of illustration artwork called "Chamber's of People's Minds".


A wise mind is the ideal state of mind that we strive for; from which we depend on to make our decisions. An ideal state of mind fluctuates between thinking and engaging - an engaged state of mind exists when the focus is external and on something from the immediate environment. When we are performing at our best, a thinking state of mind is what creates a new layer of life and a new world view. 



About the Series:

The Chambers of People's Minds is a series of illustration artwork that has been developed during the Covid-19  pandemic. The impact of quarantine on everyone's daily lives challenges them to reach a wide variety of different strategies to cope, which drew the artist's attention to the human mind and its adaptive capabilities. 


The mind refers to the aspects of intellect and consiousness manifested as combinations of thought, perception, memory, emotion, will and imagination. 


In this series of art, the human mind is illustrated as a spacce of different chambers; each has its specific character, form and identity. The chambers reflect the state of mind from the abalogy of thought, imagination and consiousness. 


The three states of minds illustrated are:  (all are available for purchase)

  1. The Empire State of Mind 
  2. The Ideal State of Mind
  3. The Uncertain Mind 


The Ideal State of Mind

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