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Jilwa Trabelseya

Art print by Jannah Shagan


Libya is home for diverse cultures and hence every city has its own traditional dress. The Jelwa is a traditional dress worn by brides in Tripoli on the second day of the wedding celebrations. This beautiful dress consists of many intricate pieces. It is made of soft thick velvet fabric embroided by hand with silver, beads and pearls.


The original color of the velvet fabric is often burgundy but has modernized into different colors. The Jelwa isn't complete without jewelry. The first base worn is called الشجرة which is a huge necklace that covers the entire chest and abdominal area made of pure gold.


On her head, the bride wears a veil, also embroided by hand with beads and pearls and is decorated with a headpiece called الشنبير which is made of pure gold and precious stones. Complimenting the headpiece, the تكليلة golden earrings but are worn on each side of the head due to its weight.

Jilwa Trabelseya - الجلوة الطرابلسية

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